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April 2, 2020

Wackiest Ways to Draw Attention at a Promo Event

So you’re planning a promotional event and are looking to make an impact? Well, if you’re serious about making a statement and creating a buzz, throw away those branded bookmarks and listen up.

Set a world record

Everyone wants to be a record breaker, so why not help make these dreams a reality and gain plenty of attention in the process by inviting people to help your organisation get in the next edition of the Guinness World Records? Most People Attending a Business Speed Networking Event is just begging to be broken.

Think big and find something that’s relevant to your organisation – take inspiration from LUSH, which attempted to set the record for the most lip prints collected in a 12-hour period. The company raised awareness of their lip products and were mentioned plenty in the media. Clever, huh?

Wow with alternative entertainment

Musicians playing the guitar can gather crowds on the high street, but you can really make people pay attention when you go for some alternative entertainment. If you are handing out leaflets or samples, or merely directing people to your store, why not get a stilt walker to do the honours? Hire them from Zest and you are guaranteed performers with a larger-than-life personality for ultimate impact.

Go alternative and exciting with other events too, and attendees will never forget about your organisation. Promotions agencies like Zest enable you to hire the likes of body painters, roller skaters, magicians, break dancers, fire artistes and angle grinders.


Organise a flashmob – whereby dancers congregate in a public place, seemingly from out of nowhere, perform and then disperse – to promote your organisation. Do a good enough job, and it might even go viral, like this one organised by Alphabet Photography did.

People can’t help but stop and watch these events and talk about them with their friends, and it doesn’t matter if song and dance isn’t really relevant to your organisation. Just get everyone in the mob to wear a T-shirt with your logo and Bob’s your uncle – your Twitter mentions will rocket.

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