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October 23, 2018

The 5 Most Notable Examples of Demonic Possession and Exorcism

All major religions do include belief in existence of demons. Demons are described as spiritual beings who cannot be seen by humans because they are not created from visible materials. Despite the fact that all monotheistic religions condemn any contact with demons and their interference with humans, the demon possession of a human being is not so rare instance. Some psychical diseases like schizophrenia are often linked to demonic possession. For example, Christianity and Islam have pretty detailed methods of curing those who are possessed. Of course, non-believers will deny even the existence of such creatures, but we are not going to discus that in this article.

We are going to write here about some of known examples of possible demonic possession and most of them teach us that playing with Satanic rituals and similar thing never ends good even if plenty of media are showing those things like funny and entertaining. If you want to stay away from troubles, do not try any kind of Satanic ritual or speaking with dead or demons because all that you can get are serious problems which often can have fatal consequences.

1.Anneliese Michel

Anneliese Michel was woman from Germany who claimed that she was possesed by demons. She was raised in Chatolic family. She noticed first signs of demonic possesion when she was 16. She started to get epileptic attacks and then some hallucinations too. After the regular medicine methods were not showing any results, she was treated by local bishop exorcist who used Catholic methods in order to cure her from possesion.

Unfortunatelly, those sessions weren’t so succesfull and Michel died when she was 23 while she was sleeping. The official cause of death is believed to be maltruntion and dehydration because she started to refuse food months before her death.

2.George Lutkins

George Lutkins is male from England who was known by his strange behavior which was often described as demonic possession. He was a tailor in the village of Mendip in Yatton and one of his neighbors have asked from local pastor to try to help him because he had strange behavior which included singing strange songs with changing voices and some of them sounded completely different than his real voice. He was previously examined by doctors but without any visible results. Lutkins himself has claimed that he is possessed by seven demons and that he needs seven exorcists to cure him. Several exorcists including Rev. Joseph Easterbrook have tried to cure him in 1778 and that attempt has allegedly brought success. After a session where priests were saying prays in front of him the demons left his body and he was claimed to be very calm and happy man after that.

3. Robbie Mannheim

Robbie Mannheim is known as man who has been possessed and successfully exorcised and cured from demonic possession. His experience which was followed by some media have been a base for the William Peter Blatty’s novel ‘The Exorcist’. He had problems with demons possession when he was young boy. His problems started after he spent one night with his grandmother. During that night they started to hear strange dripping noises and at some point the painting of Jesus which was hanged on the wall haws started to shake. Eleven days after that mysterious event happened his aunt died. Robbie was very related to his aunt and her death devastated him. He was so desparate that he tried to contact her in some way and those efforts to contact his dead aunt has brought him a lot of troubles and were a cazse of demonic possession. Young Robbie was examined by medics and psychiatric experts but they couldn’t help him much. After medicine didn’t offer anything promising, his family brought him to a clergyman Rev. Luther Miles Schluze who kept the boy for a night in order to examine his case. The clergyman has reported that he noticed a lot of strange activities including moving of stuff in room which occurred when they went to sleep. He has been allegedly cured by Rev. William S. Bowdern after two-month long therapy which included about thirty sessions of exorcism.

4. Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor is male from the Ossett town in Britain who has been involved in a few of instances which could lead to conclusion that he had problems with demonic possession. He was a member of local Christian Fellowship Group and he started to behave strange against the leader of the group, Marie Robinson. He attacked her verbally and later admitted that he felt evil within him. After his behavior was worse and worse, the local vicar has decided to try to cure him with the help of other ministers. They have tried a few of Christian methods of exorcism on him but that didn’t brought some success and the whole session which lasted for a few of hours has exhausted the priests so they let him to return his home. After Michael came back to his home he has murdered his wife and their dog. He was found naked and covered by blood.

5.Clara Germana Cele

Clara Germana Cele was a young woman from South Africa when she has been possessed by demons in 1906 after she made a pact with Satan. She confessed her pact with the devil during the confession to the Father Horner Erasmus. During the possession she spoke the languages she never knew before, and she also had very strange cries which shocked all who saw her during her strange behavior. She was producing very strange voices which were not similar to any human or animal voices. Some people who witnessed her strange behavior reported that she was found in a few of occasion levitating vertically and horizontally. After two local priests performed an exorcism on her, she had been allegedly cured from the possession. During the act of exorcism she was very violent and she once reacted by taking the Bible from priests hands and attempted to choke him with it.

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