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September 23, 2019

Food inspired fashion

Food and fashion aren’t really two words you’d naturally put together. The fashion world in general is populated by stick thin models who look like they need a good slap up meal (or ten!). So to see the two combined, with food influencing the latest looks on the catwalk, is a refreshing change. For once we are hailing good old sausages and bacon and It is making for some very interesting “looks” for the coming year. Whether it’s inspired by food or food packaging, this new trend is sure to turn heads, as can be seen below.

I can’t imagine these boots being too practical in a downpour!

This brings the meaning of a fry up into a whole new dimension

This hamburger looks very tasty!.. just have to be-careful of eating too many and making the bun too big.

Taking things one step further – actually made OUT of food!

Loving these pretzel trainers, makes me feel like i want to pour chocolate all over them and munch away

Slogans are food -related too

There is even jewellery for food lovers, beware – someone might nip your ear off.

Footwear for the martini lovers amongst us (not sure how comfortable these would be)

Underwear gets in on the craze too

Finally – a range of casual tops , again all food-inspired

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