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April 2, 2020

World Scariest Murder and Horor Campsites

If your anything like myself, when you go on holiday you like it to be exciting! To hell with Ibiza and Benidorm to lay on a beach for 8 hours a day and doing not much else. I like to immerse myself in the culture and the history. So this year, for my annual holiday, I have decided to go camping abroad. But I’m not just gong to the usual places…oh no, I am visiting a few particularly spooky hot spots. It all started when I searched the web for a Camping in France guide. Whilst doing my research I came across loads of spooky Chateau’s to visit nearby some equally spooky campsites. So now I am going on my very own spooky travels around France this year and I am so excited about the prospect! France is full of spooky places to go, like the Catacombs or even the World famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery (and my two favourite words seem to be haunted and horror!)

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

This place looks even more scary in these old black and white photographs, so if you want more information on this scary graveyard please see this link Pere Lachaise Cemetery Wiki

Being an avid Horror Movie fan and an amateur ghost hunter, researching scary campsites is right up my street. What better way to visit lots of creepy places around the World. Camping is relatively cheap and it’s so easy to up sticks to move on to the next place. Whilst researching, I found loads of scary campsites around the world (I know not everyone is obsessed with France as me but I haven’t been on the Eurotunnel yet) and so I have decided to share them so you can plan your own spooky travels.

So if you are looking for a bit of a scare, why not visit some of these campsites…

Cuxhaven, Germany

This looks a gorgeous place for that Summer camping vacation, but looks can be deceptive!

Machulez Campsite, Cuxhaven

This is the view that greeted the happy campers in Cuxhaven, one lovely August day in 2009.
A man was arrested after two women’s bodies were found with multiple stab wounds, he was believed to have been in a relationship with one of the girl’s murdered. What a lovely place to stay!

Crystal Lakes, Colorado

Beautiful cool blue waters, rugged mountains, but what lies in wait at Crystal Lakes…

Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees

Would you ever get this vision out of your head at this beautiful campsite in Colorado?
Or would  the thought of Jason follow you everywhere you went around the park, would his reflection appear behind you as you gaze at yourself in the cool waters!!

Fernwood Campground – Big Sur, California

What a lovely peaceful campsite…well think again, this campsite is supposedly haunted by the ghost of an Indian. Which is not really surprising as the campground was originally considered sacred by the Esalen Indians, which is normally code for an Indian Burial ground!!
For more info see :- Fernwood, Big Sur

Epping Forest

Picture perfect woodland trails to explore in Epping Forest, but beware the woods turn eerie as night falls…

Elms Caravan Park, Loughton

Looks like the perfect family caravan park, but by nightfall everything gets spooky. The ghost of Dick Turpin haunts the part of epping forest close to this caravan park. He was hung in the forest for his crimes in 1739 and there have been spooky noises and sightings there ever since. Even Derek Acorah managed to contact the spirit of Dick Turpin through his spirit guide Sam on the TV show “Most Haunted”, while on a live investigation with the famous screaming lady Yvette Fielding, for Living TV.

Darksyde Acres Haunted Campground, Jonesville, Michigan

Even though this is a man made Haunted mansion the campground close to this attraction is supposedly haunted for real. With visitors to this campsite hearing footsteps and slamming doors, but also seeing strange shadows and ghostly figures around the grounds over the years.
Well either way it looks like a good place to go for a scare or two…

And saving the best till last…not really a campsite as such but people do camp there.
Just sometimes forever!

Aokighara Forest, Japan

This looks a little bit creepy, but I would probably still venture there…

Aokighara Forest, Suicides

Well maybe not!! Supposedly the suicide capital of the World, this forest is extremely creepy and people who venture in to take a peek sometimes don’t come back either! Can you imagine how many restless souls are just wondering about these woods, hundreds if not thousands of people have ended their lives here. The authorities just leave them to rot, but they do place a plastic tape around the scene, just so no one goes for a closer look…like that stops them!

Demon Chick xx

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