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May 24, 2018

The Real Life Shrek: Maurice Tillet

If you had the desire to know if there was someone in real life that resembled Shrek, the animated ogre that lives in a swamp then it is quite strange that the answer is yes. Maurice Tillet, a professional wrestler of 1940’s had a strange disease called Acromegaly. These diseases cause bones to grow rapidly and uncontrollably, which eventually disfigures the body of the person.

Maurice Tillet too had a wacky disfigurement that made him the “freak ogre of the ring”. He was also termed as the French Angel. In professional wrestling he attained quite a reputation by winning the Boston based world championship. However, the French Angel died of heart disease at the age of 51 only. The pictures of Maurice match with the animated character known as Shrek, who coincidentally is also an ogre.

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