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September 23, 2019

Complicated Mechanisms Explained

Students of Mechanical Physics can rejoice. Take a look at the pictures below and feel the frown lines on your forehead crease away and feel the beginnings of a smile on your lips. One of the biggest complications faced by physics students is the understanding, explaining and application of complex mechanisms. A lot of time and energy that could have been fruitfully spent elsewhere goes in the quest for mastering elusive mechanisms. The pictures below do this task for you and help you understand complex mechanisms extremely easily. The way they are explained also make it extremely easy to memorize them as well as apply them. How? By animating them, of course!

As you look at the pictures below, you will find the radial engine, the steam engine, the sewing machine, the Maltese Cross mechanism, the manual transmission mechanism, the constant velocity joint, the torpedo boat destroyer system and the rotary engine animated for simple understanding.

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