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November 21, 2019

Ultimate Music Videos

When MTV was launched in 1981, it soon became the most popular Music Channel ever…with it’s no holds barred attitude, Comic Presenters, funny little cartoon adverts and not forgetting the awesome Music Videos. It was a massive hit with everyone of all ages. It also set standards for all that followed afterwards, by bridging the gap between the races and hosting Music videos such as Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” which finally broke the barrier for other coloured artists to follow in a mainly White dominated Music World.

It mainly aired the most popular Artists of the time, but then also helped promote the lesser known ones too. MTV really boosted the sales of music in those days…Since then we have various Music Channels such as Viva and The Box, but these have never been as popular as MTV.

Now with music being available 24-7 online, available to download and share on social networking sites with just a few clicks, it’s made these channels very old hat.
The biggest online music hosting site nowadays is probably You Tube, on which you can view and share any kind of music you can think of, at any time of day.

Here are some of our Ultimate Music Videos…

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”


Released in December 1983, Starring Michael Jackson and Ola Ray.
With Michael Jackson’s dance moves, Christopher Lee’s eerie voice over and being directed by one of Horrors top men, John Landis, this sort of short horror movie/ music video was cutting edge at the time and still remains the top music video of all time. With all things spooky, such as dancing zombies and  yellow-eyed werewolves, this is an amazing music video and also one of the longest, at 14 minutes long.

Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”


Released in 1975 from the album “A Night at the Opera” was both clever and simple in it’s execution, but also way ahead of it’s time with the digital graphics. Made up of Close ups of the group and exerts of live performances, it is one amazing song…

It stayed top of the UK charts for 9 weeks and sold more than a million copies by the end of January 1976. And it’s still a massive hit today…such a shame that Freddie Mercury passed away so early in his life, he was such a great singer and songwriter.

Metallica “Until It Sleeps”


Released in 1996 from the album “Load” and written by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.
This is an awesome song and video, full of evil monsters and bizarre fairytale looking characters. There are references to death and pain in the lyrics and visual images of Christ on the cross, Adam, Eve, the Evil snake and the Tree of Life, which are reference to the pain of James loosing his mother to Cancer.

It won the MTV Music Video Award for Best Rock Video in 1996.

Rhianna “Disturbia”


As the name suggests, it’s a disturbing music video about torture, imprisonment and  ultimately about loosing your mind. Released in the UK in July 2008 from the album “Good Girl Gone Bad”
It was written by Rhianna’s Ex Chris Brown along with Andy Merritt and Brian Kennedy.
It was Ranked at No 9 by Billboard Magazine, on a list of of songs of the Summer of 2008.

Beyonce “Single Ladies”


Released in October 2008 from the album “I am….Sasha Fierce”
This video is so stunning set in black and white, so simple, not overcomplicated with loads of dancers. What makes it work is the great music, fantastic choreography and of course Beyonce and that gorgeous behind. Three scantily clad young ladies dancing to a brilliant song…what could be better than that. It won Best Video of the Year, Best Choreography and Best Editing Awards at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime “


From their album “Remain in Light” released in February 1981
What a funny and certainly weird video, it’s definitely different…The dancing and hitting himself is really amusing, similar movement to what a marionette would do. Supposedly some of the jerky and weird movements were based on the spasms that epilepsy suffers have. Lovely…
The graphics are quite unusual but quite effective looking for the early 80’s.

Guns N Roses “November Rain”


Released in 1992 from the album “Use Your Illusion I”, ballad like, rock video, with a mix of orchestra and GNR Live. It makes one hellish Music Video… The story is about Axl getting married and being ever so happy, until she dies without explanation.
The settings are just fantastic, with a beautiful white wooden church on a hill (where Slash plays his guitar solo), to the traditional looking church where they have a rock wedding, complete with the rest the band.This single topped at No 3 in the Charts. Such a shame that the band split up, they were so great together.

Jamiroquai “Virtual Insanity”


Video which has received numerous Music Video Awards from MTV in 1997.
You can certainly see why…in it Jay Kay appears to move across the floor without moving and dance across the floor without actually getting anywhere, this is supposedly achieved by by using moving sections of floor on stage and also by using stationary floors and moving walls. This creates the different effects you see in the video and I think it’s amazingly done and brilliantly choreographed.

Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”


From the album “The Fame Monster” this was released in October 2009.
Lady Gag is well just gaga, she is absolutely out there, but I think it’s all mainly done for publicity.

The music is very catchy on this one and seems to be stuck in my head, which is unusual as I normally listen to Heavy Metal. This Video just breaks all the rules tho, with those I’ve been on drugs huge eyes (think they use them on drug driving adverts now) and I love the alien backbone in the naked shower scene. Visually it all works in a weird kind of way, with the outlandish, daring and just plain stupid outfits, the dancers and the drama. But it just wouldn’t be Gaga without all this kind of Alice in Wonderland kind of silliness.

Nine Inch Nails “Closer”


From the album “ Downward Spiral” which was released in May 1994.
This is one of NIN most well known songs, mainly due to it’s explicit Music Video. Which included nudes, Dead things, bondage and of course it’s profane sexual content contained n the songs lyrics. I personally love this Music Video, it’s kind of Victorian arty but creepy at the same time and shot in sepia old film it looks great and with the very clever visual effects thrown in for good measure, makes this one of the most fantastic Videos I have ever seen.

It was also ranked at No 93 in the VH1’s countdown of the “100 Greatest Sings of the Past 25 Years”

For more News and Music Reviews keep an eye out for my next months Music Article, you can also find everything Music on Virgin’s site Red Room. Demon Chick xx

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