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January 28, 2020

The Sun as you never seen it

According to NASA report, there was a big explosion hundred miles away from the sun surface which raised the temperature of plasma to millions degree of Celsius. Actually a solar flare burst with a huge amount of energy. This energy is estimated to be equal as that of the energy obtained by 100 megaton hydrogen bombs which is obviously an extreme amount. Due to the sudden raise in temperature, the plasma launched its particles into the air almost with the speed of light.

Solar Dynamics Sun Photo

This incident throws light on the working of sun. May be this incident is surprising for us but it is a reality that thousand of such incidents are taking place around the sun. This sort of information obtained by NASA is explaining the facts more correctly than before and we are now able to know the activities of the sun more closely.

Sun Ultraviolet photo

Sun Blast eruption

Sun Blast

disruptive solar storms

Sun Climate Change

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