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November 21, 2019

Robocops Son

Timmy was a little boy like all the other little boys in his neighborhood. Until one fatidic day, when his mom was out, and his babysitter was too busy working out her…new dance routine in front of the camera to post on Youtube.

The boy saw a great man on TV, part robot part man. Watching him fight crime and checking out all his guns, Timmy got so excited that he asked his mom to get him a Halloween costume just like that.

Once he put it on this suit, he never wanted to take it off. One day, to his mother despair, he ran away from home and wondered the big city streets in search for crime. Luckily, the life is not like in the movies, and he was latter on escorted by police back to his house.

The moment of Robocop has pass through. But this week Timmy saw an episode of Inter-Galactica. Now he is in the search for a space ship.

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