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October 20, 2019

Sexy Swedish Girls

Sweden (Sverige in Swedish) is a Nordic country in the part of Europe called Scandinavia. Its neighbors are Finland and Norway. Sweden is also connected to Denmark in the south by a bridge. It belongs to the developed countries, and it is famous for its welfare state.Sweden’s capital city is Stockholm. Sweden is a constitutional monarchy because it has a king, Carl XVI Gustaf.

Sweden is a parliamentary state meaning that the government is elected by the parliament which is appointed by the people. The country is democratically ruled by a government headed by an elected prime minister, who currently is Fredrik Reinfeldt.The population of Sweden is about 9.3 million people.Sweden has an official majority language, Swedish (svenska).

Sweden has five official minority languages, Finnish, Yiddish, Sami, Meänkieli and Romani.Sweden became a member of the European Union in 1995. It is not a member of the European Monetary Union. The currency is the Swedish krona (Swedish crown).Sweden has 25 provinces (landskap), found in 3 different regions: Norrland in the North, Svealand, the central region, and Götaland in the South.

During many wars, including the Vietnam War and World War II, the country was neutral, meaning it did not take sides. During World War II, it sold supplies to both the British and the Germans in order to protect its neutrality.Sweden is one of the world’s least religious countries. 46-85% of all people in Sweden are agnostics or atheists. This means they do not believe in a god.

Sweden is a country with many talents in sport, such as Zlatan Ibrahimovich. They have two bronze medals and one silver medal from the World Cup in football (soccer) – 1950, 1958 and 1994. The soccer league in Sweden is called Allsvenskan – with Malmö (Malmoe) as the best team throughout all its years. Sweden is also one of the best performing nations in ice hockey together with USA, Canada, Finland, Russia and the Czech Republic. The Hockey league in Sweden is called Elitserien.

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