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January 28, 2020

The World’s Meanest Christmas Gift

Give your girlfriend the priceless gift of hating you forever. It’s all about the presentation.

Creepy Abandoned Sanatorium

Sanatoriums always play a main role in horror movies. This one is not an exception. Even though restoration is about to take charge of this facility, the architectural design and the long lobbies which appear to come out of a nightmare, in where you go and you go but never get to an ending point, will still keep up their appearance.

This building is huge, so it can be difficult sometimes for doctors to find their patients. The meaning of the word I lost myself could in fact be very true for the future personnel.

Outside, the landscape is amazing, trees grass, bushes as far as the eye could see. So if any body wants to escape this place, they might need to first learn some survival techniques out in the wild.

Creeping out your doctor has never been easy. Just step behind the door and leave an empty chair in front of your big salon window. Enjoy!

Five things we don’t want to see in a Halloween bag

The worst father in the entire world? Ronald Clark O’Bryan — the notorious “Candyman” of suburban Houston who, in 1974, planted a cyanide-tainted Pixie Stick in his own 8-year-old son’s bag of Halloween treats in order to collect on a life insurance policy.

Ronald was executed by lethal injection a decade later, but the story of this murder has lingered as a warning. Halloween had forever lost its innocence.

Fears of poison, razors or pins means that no one hands out apples and popcorn balls anymore. Ditto unwrapped candy.

But candy doesn’t have to be potentially lethal to be tossed out of the treat bag. In the spirit of spooky sweets, here are five offbeat treats that we really don’t want to see in little Billy or Tiffany’s Halloween candy bag.

5. Tequila-flavored lollipop with a worm in the center. If the kid in question is over 21 years old, sure, let him or her make his own informed decision. Toddlers, however, really shouldn’t be messing with tequila or worms.

4. Candy-covered scorpions. As tempting as they sound…no.

Mommy look! Crick-ettes!

3. Crick-ettes. Some hors d’oeuvres that are perfectly suited to a sterling canape tray really miss the boat as trick-or-treat offerings. We’ll suggest Crick-ettes as an example. Real, edible dried crickets are featured in several flavor combinations, including salt ‘n vinegar, bacon-and-cheese or sour cream and onion. True, they’re only nine calories per serving (healthier, perhaps, than a Kit-Kat bar), but they might inspire a few prepubescent nightmares.

2. Absinthe gumballs. One of the many remarkable confectionary creations from the Seattle-based Archie McPhee company — whose product line also includes “Bubble Gum Cocktail Weenies” and “Brain-Flavored Zombie Mints” — these chewy treats promise to create young Baudelaires out of poetic youngsters who start out chewing absinthe gumballs and progress, in short order, to heavier addictions.

1. Tasty Turd Cookies. In this day and age, no one would dare drop one of these unwrapped confections into a Halloween bag. But for very close personal friends and relatives, these lifelike chocolate “movements” could be a real ice-breaker at a party. Use squares of toilet paper instead of napkins for a real party favor to remember.

Via: blogs.pitch.com

Strange Cargo Found at Kennedy Airport

Contraband is an exhibition and a book that chronicles a number of items detained or seized from passengers or express mail upon arriving at the Kennedy Airport in New York. These items range from common everyday items to some fairly exotic and odd items as well as items that are clearly illegal. But, however bizarre they may be, it sure provides an insight into what the people of America seem to want. Take a look at the pictures and some of these oddities yourself.

I can understand why someone would want Viagra, or pharmaceutical drugs or steroids in the US, but for what purpose would you want a bird corpse or dead guinea pigs or chicken feet? There are some interesting objects, of course, like the an African mask, but what could you want from a cow foot bottle, or deer penis or toothpaste made from cow dung?

By: nytimes.com

Futurama VS Star Wars Mashups

If you are a fan of both Star Wars and Futurama, there is no way you can resist mashups that are created using characters from these two series. Somehow, even though they are completely disconnected from each other, they just make sense. Just imagine Princess Leia as a one-eyed heroine! It is just too funny considering how suave and sophisticated she looks in the movie.

Also, if you like the Simpsons, there are more fun mashups in store for you! It is just hilarious to see a comic Darth Vader in the company of mashed up Simpson’s characters. Also check out the extremely funny forms created for Homer Simpson- they simply take the cake! In my personal opinion the mash up created using characters of all three series- Star Wars, Futurama and Simpson is by far the best, both in terms of creativity and hilarity. It sure is hard to forget.

Linzi Stoppard Models for Violins

In her defense, these are no ordinary violins but the most expensive ones in the world. The electric violin that she is holding is encrusted with Swarovski crystals and costs a whooping £1,000,000. The 1 million costing violins were on display until June 2nd at Harrods for all the fans who will be worshipping it.

Each of the violins have 50,000 crystals and were created by Swarovski for Linzi and Ben Lee. Linzi is very excited about them and wonders at how the light explodes off the crystals. These are not just show pieces but the twosome will be actually playing songs on them for their album Fuse. Linzi was heard saying how they want to be a stadium act rather than be restricted to the jazz clubs because of their instruments. They will definitely be seen more with the flashy violins in hand.

Facts About The Internet Infographic

The Internet: We all know the internet is big, but did you know it’s so big that it’s practically impossible to measure! With so much information available at the touch of a button it’s easy to see how 70% of people feel that the amount of available data is overwhelming.Here’s a little perspective of the internet

The History of RickRolling

Via: Medical Coding Certification

Weapons of Mexican Drug Lords

Mexican law officers recently arrested leading drug dealer Oscar Orlando Nave Valencia and came upon a bunch of uniquely crafted guns when they searched one of his mansions are Zapopan. Most of these guns have been crafted using pure gold and silver.

Many guns even have diamonds embellished on them and one look at these fancy guns will send a gun collector on a frenzy. Many of these guns are crafted with fine detailing and intricate carvings. Images like dragons and names have also been crafted on some of the guns. Among all these precious guns is one designed with pink colored metal and precious stones. This one seems to be crafted for a woman. It looks like the drug dealer has had a long passion for guns and has been spending money in setting up his own signature collection of guns.

The Jackal VS Vulture Fight

In the pictures you will see a jackal trying to get some food out of the vulture’s claws. The vulture doesn’t even seem scared of the jackal. It probably knows that its beak and claws can hurt the animal enough to make it back away which is exactly what happened. The vulture gives it a nip in the nose and you will see that it doesn’t dare get close after that.

In the wild, food is hard to come by for all animals and when they do, they do all they can to keep it for themselves and this is one such case. Vultures are large birds of prey and if you look at the pictures it looks as big as the jackal and its sharp beaks are obviously not to be messed with. The jackal still seems to want to stick around for the scraps at the end.

Do It Yourself – Porsche

This is definitely something you have never seen before. The first picture is just a toy and the real thing can be seen in the last few pictures and it is something stunning. Although its gold finish is outlandish, it doesn’t fail to do what it was supposed to. Get attention and lots of it. You will see how the entire car was built from scratch.

You can see the effort put into building the body of the Do It Yourself Porsche car to scale. With all the lights in place, it looks like a real car. People on the streets seem very surprised at the shiny car but I can bet nobody knows its run by pedaling. They probably think its being driven slowly for their benefit. The entire frame has been held together by duct tape and the entire cover is made of duct tape. Who knew duct tape could do this?

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