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June 25, 2018

Top 10 Strangest Star Trek Foods

‘Madames et Monsieurs, may I present for your delectation the very finest of foods?’
What does it take to be a Trekker? Well, a strong love of all the series’ is a must, collecting merchandise is a definite plus, you’ve perfected the Vulcan hand gesture and now you can try the Star Trek food! Seriously. The following Top Ten are my faves as seen through Star Trek from the The Next Generation right through to the latest series; Enterprise. Some of these you can try and make with humble Earth ingredients but others will need the real thing!
Let’s kick off with a little aperitif.

10 Andorian Ale

This blue coloured alcoholic beverage brewed by the Andorians was enjoyed by Captain Jonathan Archer of the NX-01 Enterprise and was also seen being ordered in Quark’s Bar on Deep Space Nine. There’s something intriguing about blue liquor.

9 Leola Root

Close in resemblance to ginger, leola root is high in vitamins and was used with great versatility by Neelix on board the USS Voyager. He made broths and soups from it and also stews, teas and tarts.

8 Regova Eggs

Before your main course why not try this Cardassian delicacy? Served lightly boiled for best taste!

7 Heart of Targ

Appetite whetted? Then feast yourself on this Klingon meal – the heart of a Warthog-shaped beast, the Targ, served on a bed of greens. Whether ingesting this traditional meal as part of the Day of Honour ceremony or simply as part of a banquet your heart will gain new found courage!

6 Rokeg Blood Pie

I must admit I’m starting to feel a little full but there’s just so much to try. I must carry on. This is another Klingon meal and they don’t know the meaning of being vegetarian. Worf’s adoptive mother learned how to prepare this (although she wouldn’t try it herself) and it soon became his favourite dish. Even as an adult Worf continues to enjoy this rich meal.

5 Hasperat Soufflé

A change of scene now and on to the Bajorans. Hasperat is a popular spicy dish similar to Earth burritos but make it into a Soufflé and it becomes a more pleasant palate cleanser.

4 Jimbalian Fudge Cake

My appetite’s came back – desserts and puddings; my favourite! This is a 7 tiered cake iced with a l’naki nut frosting. Gorgeous comfort food!

3 Laurelian Pudding

Keep ’em coming! This pudding is ideal if you’re planning a large scale meal as not only does it take some time to prepare, it takes a further 4 hours simmering before it’s ready.

2 Jimbalian Berry Salad

Hey, what’s going on?! Ah, I’ve been told I have to include something healthy. Hmph. Well here is a dish that not only looks good and tastes goods; it’s great for stalling your ever-increasing waistline. This salad is a cold collation of select vegetables and berries first seen in Star Trek Voyager.

1 Ktarian Chocolate Puff

And at Number One – drum roll please – my absolute fave, chocolate heaven! This is a sumptuous, large dome-shaped dessert made with no fewer than seventeen varieties of chocolate. Mmm!

Gregoria is a big foodie and is keen on a healthy lifestyle and, being a touch anaemic, makes sure she gets plenty of iron rich foods.

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  2. I think you should offer a bonus — can’t forget Gak!

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  4. It’s not Andorian Ale, it’s Romulan Ale

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