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May 22, 2018

Top 5 Bizzare Fights between Humans and Animals

We’ve seen John Cena and HHH in the wrestling ring a number of times. We’ve seen sumo wrestlers fighting with each other too. Karate, Judo , Kung fu, Sword fights, Boxing and so on , a number of man to man sports are played across the world and enjoyed by people. But have you ever seen a man and an animal wrestle each other in an arena surrounded by spectators cheering up the contenders? Bull fighting? Yeah that is indeed a very old sport played across the world. But how about a bear or a kangaroo or say a crocodile standing in the ring against a man? After all in our bizarre world, all is possible. So let us take a look at some of these strange fights where a human and an animal battle for their survival and strangely for fun for the audiences.

Man vs Bear

An average male stands 5’8 tall and weighs 165 lbs. On the other hand a small bear somewhat 6ft tall weighs around 500lbs. Now imagine a full grown bear that’s much stronger and heavier than the man, wearing gloves and waiting for the referee for a signal to knock down the man in the other corner of the ring. Who will you cheer for? Well I’ll be rather praying that the bear doesn’t gobble up the man alive. (Image Source VIA The Destroyer )

Man vs Crocodile

Now here is a small touching tale of companionship with a man and his animal friend. A 32 years old fisherman Chito rescued a dying crocodile from a river in Limon Costa Rica years ago and now he astonishes tourists by wrestling with and hugging the 450kg animal in the water. Acc to the fisherman who is now 52, his croc named Pocho and he often wrestle in the water as a regular routine with his best friend never attacking him back. However he strictly warns the tourists to refrain from water as the strong jaws of the croc might bite off a piece seeing the sumptuous flesh of a stranger. (Image Source Via Daily Telegraph)

Man vs Kangaroo

The fight between the Kangaroo and a man is a famous sport event at the Animal Olympics in China. Dressed as a clown the man fights the Australian kangaroo with people around enjoying the event with great enthusiasm and interest. Apart from this, you may also see elephants and chimps lighting the torch and other creatures racing in the track for medals. (Image Source Via Daily Mail )

Pig Wrestling

Played at agricultural shows, a group of four people usually grab a slippery pig inside a pool of mud. Those who are able to hang onto the greased pig for the longest time win the game. Also known as wrasslin, the game has been many times questioned by the animal rights organizations. (Image Source VIA Soda Head)

Catching Catfish

How can the list be complete without the mention of fish? A competition organized by fishermen in Oklahoma involves catching fish. Not just any fish, the participants need to catch catfish with their bare hands. No price for guessing the rules of the competition. Whoever catches the fish first, wins (Image Source Unknown)


  1. what is shown in the picture makes me wonder,,, but if properly drawn is real,,, or only the engineering drawing course

  2. i think this is crazy act, playing with wild animals. OMG


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