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November 21, 2019

The 10 Fictional Prisons That Should Exist

Here is list of wackiest virtual prison. These prisons are thought to be the popular in virtual world. Several of them are located at different location and some are interrelated. This present article deals with some of the most popular and insane virtual prison of all time. By the end of article you will notice that you have got enough knowledge about these virtual prisons

10. Arkham Asylum

The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum is virtual prison for criminals in Gotham City. It was named upon the Elizabeth Arkham, mother of Dr. Asylum.  The famous prisoners of Arkham Asylum are Joker, Poison ivy, Mr Freeze and Many more which are weird enemy of Batman. This wacky asylum is suitable for all types of insane criminals. This fictional prison appears in DC Comics universe’s Batman series. According to its creator, it is located at far end of Gotham City. This virtual prison is infamous for its easy breakdown. It is regarded as the asylum for the mentally unfit individuals and criminals. .This fictional asylum has been destroyed by its prisoners time to time.

9. Prison of Azkaban

Azkaban is a fictional prison in Harry Potter series. This prison is meant for those who disoblige the laws of the wizard. It is located in somewhat middle of North Sea. Physical appearance of Azkaban is not known, but in movies it is assumed to be of triangular shape. Most of the prisoners in Azkaban are supporters of Lord Voldemart. Its security is maintained by Dementors. Magic Ministry claims that it’s not possible to break out from this prison. After Voldmemart take over the Magic Ministry, several people including politicians were sentenced to prison. After the final battle with Voldemart, there is elimination of Dementors from Azkaban because they are thought to be corruption cause of Wizard ministry.

8. Belle Reve

Belle Reve Penitentiary is a fictional prison and hospital in DC comic world. Belle Reve is a special prison for several super villains. It is situated in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana which is nearby Gulf of Mexico. Several prisoners go on different mission to reduce their sentence. The criminals with low trust are bind up with such devices that can cause death. This prison is under continuous surveillance from government side to ensure that there is no scandal against United States. There are several riot rose in past but all were stopped by superheroes like Batman, Superman.

7. Black gate Penitentiary

Black gate Penitentiary is another fictional prison from DC comics. It is located in Gotham bay traditionally located on a small island in the Gotham Bay. It was reopened as it was condemned by the Amnesty International.  Like Arkham Asylum several dangerous criminals are kept in prison. Several times we came across such incidents that there is temporary shifting of criminals from Arkham Asylum to Black gate Penitentiary. Like Arkhum Asylum there are incidents of breakout in Black gate Penitentiary. The famous prisoners of this prison are Basil karlo, Dr. Fang, Dragon Cat. Jan Bodie. It is also refer as Hell Gate.

6. The Charles Montgomery Burns State Penitentiary

The Charles Montgomery Burns State Penitentiary is a fictional prison in Simpson. The prison includes several innocent and cunning people. It is located in Springfield and eventually builds on that place.  Several old laws were reinserted so that they can generate more money from this prison.  People get entrapped in this prison if they do not follow the old conservative rules. In this prison, prisoners work in kitchen and other part of jail.

Criminals of this prison try to break out but they end in getting nothing. However their riot results in release of Homer, the individual which get in due to a simple incident.

5. Wentworth Detention Centre

This is fictional prison in the Australian Television show named as Prisoner. It is actually a women prison. It was build on the idea that if the prison can be for men why it cannot be for women. This prison includes many aspects of relationship among the prisoners. Several prisoners were quite volatile in nature. Several criminals were introduced in the prison and with time they get released. Several others opera soaps were built on this concept. It remains in action from 1981 to 1989. There is a collection of 174 discs which include the 692 episodes of Prisoner.

4. HM Wakefield

It is a virtual prison. It is men type prison and located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire England. It is maintained by her majesty’ Prison Service. And it thought to have maximum security in United Kingdom. Super Max security was built in this prison to ensure the security of this prison. It contains the most dangerous 600 prisoners across United Kingdom. It facilitates every unit with proper facilities. There is severe testing of criminals over the drug cases. It offers several social welfare programs to its prisoners. This is done to socialize them. This prison has the most up to date facility with full facilities.

3. The vault

It is used for the super villain imprisonment in several cases in Marvel Comics. It first appears in the Avengers Annual. It is assumed that it is located at Ryker’s Island. Vault has appeared in several comics of Marvel comics’ universe. The vault security is maintained by its guards.  It is three storied building. Like other prison several attempts of breakthrough has been done but mostly get wasted. After its destruction, US government decide to build more than one prison at a time so that there may be fewer breakouts. Several facility of this prison has been provided by the Stark enterprises.

2. Takron Galtos

It is another virtual prison of DC Comics which is very huge in size. It holds the most dangerous villain in this galaxy. In justice league, it is showed up as the holding area for the villains. The villain which was in the Tarkon Galtos is recruited as a soldier of Sinestro corps. The concept of this Prison lies between the 20th -30 centaury. Almost all systems of this prison were automatic. It was destroyed by the wave of antimatter and every prisoner from this prison was released. And Planet Labyrinth was used as a alternative prison for remaining prisoners.

1. Raven croft

Raven croft Institute was established for criminal minded people. It was a maximum security proof prison for the criminals. It was located in New York. Many super villains like carnae, venom were kept in there. The director of the institute was Dr. Leonard Samson.  This prison was first mention in web of spider man. Many linked stories has been put through this prison. The institute is featured in a number of Spider-Man storylines. It reappears in Vengeance of the Moon Knight. Its entry gate is quite similar to Arkham Asylum. Several villains of natural powers are also kept in there. It generally appears from time to time in spider man series.


  1. You do realise that Wakefield is a real prison?!!

  2. It’s Voldemort. And it’s Ministry of Magic.

  3. Your list seriously needs some re-ordering. Arkham should by rights be at the top, not the bottom. And Ravenloft.. sounds like you put it on top solely because of Marvel bias. It’s nowhere near as notorious or recognisable as many of the others on the list.

  4. Mike King says:

    Can I do some time at Burns Prison could be fun, I would be running that place.

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