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November 21, 2019

Weirdest Bermuda Triangle Disappearances

The “Bermuda or Devil’s Triangle” is an invented spot situated at the southeastern side of Atlantic coast of the America, which is renowned for the number of incidence that mysterious losses of aircraft, yachts and small boats. The climaxes of this triangle are commonly established to be Miami, Bermuda, Fla., Puerto Rico and San Juan. On the other hand, The America. Board of Geographic names does not distinguish the Bermuda Triangle like an authorized name.


Formulate emergency landing due to turbulence

Hamilton, Bermuda on Aug 28 – The Airlines of America Inc Airbus made a crisis landing in Bermuda at present after an air pouch sent the airplane dipping 1,000 feet, injuring about 30 passengers, people told. Regarding 170 passengers were in board Flight on 1473 from International Airport of New York (John F. Kennedy) to International Airport of San Juan (Luis Munoz Morin), Puerto Rico, when it strikes harsh turbulence over the Atlantic. About 30 passengers were indulgenced at hospitals of Bermuda for injuries, together with bruises and busted bones. The most severe cases implicated three patients who endured heart harms. One of them was tranquil in rigorous care in hospital about six hours later on, hospice spokesmen told. The captain of aircraft radioed Bermuda to aware land crews intended for a crisis landing following the aircraft lastly righted itself, airfield officials said. — .

AMERICAN AIRLINES INC AIRBUS A300 on November 28, 1994

Decrepit by the clear air turbulence on Martinique

San Juan, PR on Nov 28 — in excess of 40 passengers were wounded, six critically, when their Airlines of America Inc Airbus A300 scuttled into unpredicted turbulence over the Caribbean at present. A orator for the Dallas-based airline told 212 peoples and 9 crew affiliates were on the board Flight 1218 at regarding 1830, EST (2330, UTC), when the airplane left the Bridgetown airfield, Barbados, meant for International Airport of San Juan, on the first leg of the tour to Boston. The airplane encountered a pouch of air turbulence or turbulence not reasoned by the squall, on top of the Martinique island, regarding three hundred seventy miles south-east of the San Juan, and plunged unexpectedly soon after reached its cruising elevation of 35,000 feet. “I collect a number of passengers and the flight followers were thrown roughly the cabin,” the airline orator Don Bedwell told, 46 passengers were taken to the three hospitals of San Juan for surveillance, cure of head injury and further wounds together with the coffee burns. The orator told about 6 passengers sustained severe, but not critical, wounds. — .


Flight suffered clear air turbulence

San Juan on June 25 — 22 peoples on an air travel toward Puerto Rico were wounded these days, when the air turbulence reasoned for vicious movements on the airplane in which those passengers were wandering. The Continental Airlines Inc plane 207, which was hauling 257 peoples from New Jersey of New York to San Juan, skilled turbulence at the middle of the journey. The Authorities inside the capital of Puerto Rican were recommending and crisis medical staffs were waiting at the airport of San Juan on the airplane advent to help in treatment to the wounded passenger. The chief of the Puert Rico Port Authority, Herman Sulsona told the trouble was reasoned by “apparent air turbulence, an observable fact of the turbulence, which can’t be envisaged for the reason that it doesn’t explain up on top of the radars.” The Sulsona told mainly 22 passengers injured, most of them children and the young adults, experienced only trivial bruises, but 4 people of them had neck wounded. Most of injured passengers were fetched to the San Juan hospitals. A people in the trip, Jose Rodriguez told that in information, when the airplane suffered the turbulence, it plunged abruptly and then rapidly climbed up again, sourcing peoples to fly as of their places.

INTREPID on 1996, October 14

A 65 feet ship was missing about 30 miles in Florida, off Fort Pierce after issue a rapid MAYDAY.

Miami on Oct 14 – There are 16 passengers were misplaced following reporting previous night that, they were discarding their dipping yacht Florida, off Fort Pierce, the coastline security told today. The coastline security told ship Intrepid, 65 feet in length, launch out a grief call telling, she was tumbling and everybody on the board was evading on a living raft. The coastline security told that 4

airplane seek for all night for the living raft and at present 2 airplane and a reaper were still waiting for her, regarding thirty  miles off Fort Pierce, in  east – north of Florida Palm Beach. The coastline security told the area in sea was bumpy among the waves up to 7 feet tall. — .

Reuters Miami on Oct 14 — The coastline security of America presented up the search this day for 16 passengers, who misplaced after description last night, they were discard the sinking ship Intrepid the Florida, off Fort Pierce, a coastline Guard orator told. The coastline security told the crew of Intrepid, launch out a grief call telling, she was tumbling and everybody on the board was evading on a living raft. They had no statement about the home port or nationality group of yacht. Lt. Robert Engle, the coastline Guard told the seek was perched delay in this afternoon, the following teams had investigated six thousand sq. miles in water regarding thirty miles off Fort Pierce east coast north of  Florida Palm Beach. — .


Strike by the serious turbulence inside the Bahamas

San Juan, PR on Jan 17 – There are 26 passengers were wounded at present, when the Airlines of America Inc Airbus A300 strike serious turbulence around the Bahamas in a journey from Miami toward Puerto Rico, bureaucrat told. Air plane 869 was hundred miles east side of the Nassau around the Bahamas, at what time it smacked the serious turbulence about the Thirty Three Thousand feet, aviation authorities told.


  1. ankur chauhan says:

    I don’t think so Bermuda exist it just a coincidence that no things lost at that place.

  2. 2leepepicfail says:

    INTREPID on 1996, October 14
    lol wtf. This site is so full of fail.

  3. This is stupid, clear air turbulence is not rare and has nothing to do with the Bermuda Triangle. Also, wtf is with the unrelated Kalitta air pic being included? Shame.

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