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April 10, 2020

White Tiger Cubs Who Have Found A Strange Father

Many people think that animals do not have any feelings, but the story of two white tiger cubs will probably change the way we see animals and emotions.

White tigers are of  the most endangered species in the world, and two white tiger cubs have found a strange father figure. Who is their father figure you might ask? Well these cubs are adopted by an orangutan.

While both tigers and orangutans live in Asia, however, the white tigers live in colder regions of Asia so it is strange to see this kind of interaction between these species.

An interspecies adoption is rare, but it is common for herbivores to adopt other herbivores, and this makes this case ever weirder, since orangutans are herbivores and tigers are carnivores, and it is just a matter of time before the tiger cubs require meat in their diet.

This problem might be solved by taking away the cubs from the orangutan when they are old enough to eat meat, but this might cause psychological problem for the cubs and their adopted father.

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