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May 24, 2018

Wine Rack Shaped Like A Giant Robot

A wine rack is a device that stores and organizes wine. Wine racks can be built out of a number of different materials. The size of the rack and the number of bottles it can hold can vary widely. Wine racks can be located in a winemaker’s professional wine cellar as well as private homes for personal collections.

Wood is the most popular medium when it comes to wine rack construction. It is easily obtainable and very workable.

Many types of wood are used. Premium Redwood, All Heart Redwood, Mahogany, Pine, Red Oak, Cedar, and Fir are just a few of the various options. The wood, stain, and finish can vary greatly on the finished product so it is important to view wood swatches to determine the quality of the wood. Cedar is popular choice because of the aroma is gives off. This aroma is also its downfall. It can penetrate the wine via the cork. Fir is another popular choice. It also is very strong and comes in a natural cream color.

Wood is also easily painted and sealed if individuals are looking for a more distinct look.

Metal is another popular choice for wine racks. Although it is not as easy to work with as wood, metal pieces tend to be more unique. With metal, more fluid and flowing shapes can be made, which is impossible with wood. Metal can also be painted to match any decor.

Metal racks are a good idea for short-term wine storage. Since they tend to be smaller and hold fewer bottles, they are better for display than wine aging.

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