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February 16, 2019

The most famous mistresses of History

A lawfully wedded wife of a man promises to stand by him against all the odds of life. That might not sound too interesting to you, right. A hot, sizzling, attractive and gorgeous mistress becomes your best companion, sometimes at the back of your car or in a bed or a couch at her home, for a fun and peppery break from the monotonous daily chaos of your ordinary  life. I can spot that sly smile on your face right now. While these mistresses have done more harm than good to their masters, those pinned to famous names have enjoyed a fair amount of publicity and attention around. How can we ever forget Tiger Woods and his list of mistresses each grabbing their 15 min of fame individually? But undeniably, we would scratch our heads trying to recall their names 12 months down the line. Surprisingly, not all float in the same boat.

Some of the famous mistresses of all time have managed to reserve a page in even the most celebrated world magazines and newspapers, moving on to becoming the headlines of the best news channels and a hot topic at gossip houses.  After all, not all get to play around with Kings, Presidents and Ministers. So here are the top five celebrity/political mistress couples notoriously famous for their extramarital affairs.

Anne Boleyn and King Charles VIII of England:

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Boleyn sisters, Anne and Mary were both mistresses to King Charles VIII. While the latter was said to be prettier, Anne had brains that helped her fulfill her motives and desires. She never gave in to King’s advances until it was for her benefit. The demanding mistress even got Charles into breaking with Papal authority of Roman Catholic Church to become the head of the Church and make Anne Boleyn the Queen consort of England. Charles did marry Anne, but later had her beheaded for high treason.

Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy:

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It takes guts and utmost charm to fool around with the President and Attorney General and Marilyn had it all. Sadly her murky relationship with John F. Kennedy or probably also Bobby Kennedy is what has been speculated to be the reason behind the murder of this infamous actress.

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles:

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Even with the beautiful and lovable princess Diana in his life, Prince Charles always had the special soft corner for Camilla Parker Bowles. Granted that she married the man of her dreams, but the mistress did play a key role in all the disturbances that thrived between the wedded royal couple. Sadly Princess Diana died in 1997, and with all the trump cards in her hands now, by 2005 Camilla Parker Bowles had already divorced her husband and wed the Prince of Wales.

Monica Lewisnky and Bill Clinton:

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The lethal combination of beauty and brains worked its magic on the President of the United States. But since affairs can never be concealed, Monica Lewisnky was soon acknowledged (for good or bad, world knows) as Bill Clinton’s mistress.

Lucy Mercer and Franklin D. Roosevelt:

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The U.S. President, Franklin Roosevelt’s wife Eleanor could have never thought that the women who she had appointed as a personal secretary to her husband would one day lead her to divorce (which interestingly did not happen). Eleanor discovered the affair between her husband and Lucy after getting her hands on their love letters. Political and family pressure did keep Eleanor and Franklin tied in the nuptial bond, however Lucy and Franklin continued to stay in touch even after their affair had reportedly ended. Her presence at FDR’s funeral in 1945 spoke it all.

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  1. This list inspires confidence, considering that the very first entry has the wrong King. For the record it’s Henry, and any school child knows that.

  2. English lad says:

    HENRY the VIII dammit. HENRY! NOT Charles!

  3. HENRY VIII, NOT Charles!!

  4. Jenny Robinson says:

    King Charles the 8th? Not king Henry the 8th? Duh.

  5. Jenna Tullwortz says:

    Anne Boleyn was the mistress of King HENRY VIII.

  6. What? Who checks this stuff? You realize of course that Anne Bolyn married HENRY VIII! Not Charles VIII! HENRY VIII broke with Papal authority and created the Anglican Church…. not Charles. Incidentally, there is NO Charles VIII of England. There was a Charles VIII of France. In England there are only 2 king Charles. Charles II lost the civil war to the Lord Protector, aka Oliver Cromwell. Prince Charles will be Charles III, assuming he becomes king.

  7. Anne Boleyn and Charles VIII???? I believe it was Henry VIII

  8. Kevin Mountjoy says:

    ummm…..whoever made this needs to really study history a little better…Anne Boleyn was the wife of Henry VIII, if the current Queens eldest (Charles) becomes king…he will be Charles III

  9. I think you mean Henry VIII rather than Charles VIII

  10. Ummm. It was Henry VIII, not Charles…..

  11. Anne Boleyn was the mistress of Henry VIII not Charles VIII (England has never had a King Charles VIII, or a King Charles VII or any number higher than Charles II)

  12. It was actually Henry VIII that Anne Boleyn married, not Charles

  13. Charles??? Don’t you mean Henry the 8th???

  14. ummm… anne and mary boleyn were the mistresses of King Henry VIII not Charles VIII…

  15. In point of fact, Anne Boleyn was married to HENRY VII, not Charles. Henry had her beheaded on a trumped-up charge of treason, because she did not produce a male heir. And as we now know, it is the MALE who determines the sex of the offspring.

    Ironically, Anne and Henry’s daughter Elizabeth was later crowned Elizabeth I, queen of England.

  16. I believe you are talking about Henry VIII. There was no Charles VIII of anywhere in Britain and The Boleyn sisters were involved with Henry VIII.

  17. miedzyzdroje says:

    Pretty right article. I just came across your website and loved to express that I have really enjoyed reading your opinions. Anyway I’ll be coming back and I hope you post again soon.


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