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May 30, 2016

The Worlds Wackiest Neighbors

We all like to think that we have got the worst neighbors in the world. But, I assure you that compared to the neighbors you will see in the pictures below, you definitely haven’t got the worst of the lot. How people can continue to live around people like these is anybody’s guess. But, there is little doubt, that they do provide a source of amusement.

From neighbors dressed in Goth attire and carrying scythes to those wearing masks and capes of the superheroes, the variety here is vast. Then there are those who choose to wear close to nothing at all, whether it is appropriate or not. There are some amusing ones like the guy who is definitely saving on his electricity bill by pointing to well lit house on his side during the festive season. The other really funny one is the guy who has drawn the image of a car on the snow that has completely covered his vehicle.


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