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May 24, 2018

Zebras Migration

Due to the drought that has affected the Kenyan regions, the number of zebras and buffaloes remaining in the Amboseli National Park have gone down by a drastic measure. The national park authorities have seen a drastic reduce in the total number of zebras and buffaloes that are left in the park. The drought has claimed the lives of hundreds of zebras and buffaloes leading to a decrease in the number of prey left for the lions and tigers to feed on.

As a result, the lions and tigers have started attacking the livestock of the farming lands that are located near the national park. The Kenyan authorities have taken the decision to move 4000 zebras and 3000 buffaloes to the national park to maintain the balance between the predators and grazers. An approximate of 1.3 million dollars has been invested into this project and is said to be one the largest operations undertaken in Africa till date.


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